Personal Injury Law – Discouraging Scammers By Using The System Correctly

In recent years, many individuals started to value money over honesty and integrity. Scams and schemes are becoming more prevalent, and hard work is becoming a thing of the past. It is a sad situation because no one ever really benefits from a scam or a scheme. The scammer may get away temporarily, but the law will catch up to them eventually. The true victim in any scam is always the person who tries to do the right thing, in a personal injury scheme, the victims are judges, lawyers, court workers, and anyone else who loses precious time.

Double-Dealing Legal RepresentativesUnfortunately, scammers are not the only individuals with a lack of compassion. Legal representatives are moving towards the dark side also, and many are very comfortable in this space. The unscrupulous lawyer always existed, hence the term ambulance chaser. These are the individuals who should be helping us with our issues, but they’re chasing the almighty dollar instead. Some lawyers are shamelessly representing criminals just to advance their careers. This is why scammers and schemers can exist in a world where law and order should rule.

The Results of Helping Scammers

When any scammer receives sympathy from an attorney, it truly encourages them to break the law. They tend to gravitate towards personal injury scams because these are easy to plan and carry out. Once the culprit finds a vulnerable business or property, they can easily orchestrate a slip and fall scenario. They may place a slippery substance on the floor, or they may purposely trip on a flight of steps. Without a good camera or security system in place, no one can justly accuse the scammer of fraud. They will have the right to file a lawsuit, and they will also have the right to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Reputable Personal Injury Lawyers

In all fairness, a personal injury lawyer works on a commission basis. If they refuse work often, their business may suffer from a lack of sufficient capital. Lawyers who are not aware of their client’s habits are just as innocent as everyone else. They are not part of the problem unless they choose to assist a person who has a long criminal history.

Preferred Schemes for Fraudsters

Slip and fall scams are not the only tricks preferred by fraudsters. They will also use hit and run accidents, false restaurant complaints, and workman comp scams. If the opportunity arises, they may make false claims against a product so they can possibly sue the manufacturer. Their complaints are usually null, but they eagerly play the numbers game until they see a return for their efforts.

Using The Courts Properly

As regular citizens, we may never be able to stop scammers from creating bad scenarios. What we can do is set a good example by using the legal system correctly. Only hire reputable personal injury lawyers, and never use the courts to receive a settlement by making false claims. Each time an honest person uses the system correctly, the scammer has a tougher time planning their next scheme. Additional resources can be found at Preszler Law Firm.

How to Handle Getting a Speeding Ticket

Hopefully, you will never get a speeding ticket. However, if you do get one, it is important to know what your rights are as it relates to fighting your speeding ticket. You should also understand what could happen if the ticket isn’t paid or if you don’t respond to notices from the court.

Steps to Take Immediately After Getting a Ticket

As soon as you get the ticket, you should review the charge and the reason why you received it. It is also a good idea to find out who actually pulled you over and gave you the ticket. On the back of the citation, it should tell you how you can pay it or how to go about contesting it. You generally have 14 days or so to respond, so make sure that you do so as soon as possible.

How to Contest a Speeding Ticket

If you plan on contesting the citation, you can check the not guilty box on the ticket and send it back by mail. Alternatively, you could plead not guilty during your court date. It may also be a good idea to look into continuing your case. This is because the officer who pulls you over must be at the court date so that you can ask him or her questions as part of your defense. Court dates can generally be postponed for a variety of reasons such as a conflicting work schedule or an illness.

A Plea Bargain May Be Possible

As with any other case, it may be possible to have the penalties associated with your citation reduced. Instead of pleading guilty to speeding, you may be given a citation for failure to use your flashers or for littering. While this will still go on your record, it may have less of an impact on your insurance rates, and it will result in a lower fine that is easier to afford.

What If You Don’t Respond to the Citation?

If you don’t respond to the citation within the period of time on your ticket, you could face additional fines or a license suspension. In some cases, you could spend time in jail for failing to pay your fine and any other penalties that you accrued for failure to respond. Therefore, it is in your best interest to respond as soon as possible or have your attorney respond as soon as possible.

Although a speeding ticket is a relatively minor infraction, it can become a serious matter if you don’t take care of it. Most jurisdictions allow you to pay online by credit or make installment payments, which means that you should address the matter even if you need time to pay your fine.