How To Write Effective Incident Reports As A Security Guard

Part of security guard management is reporting incidents in a proper fashion. Many people may not understand how to do this. However, here are some tips to help security guards write out effective, professional incident reports.

1. Be Detailed.
This can not be overstated enough. Detail is the key in writing a proper incident report. Make sure to include the who, what, where, when, and why in your report. And make your answers to these questions as detailed as possible. Describe the incident in full detail. Describe the people involved in the incident in full detail. Also, describe your interaction with the people in the incident in full detail. You’ll be surprised how often those details become helpful later.

2. Proofread
It might have been awhile since you’ve taken an English class. That’s fine. But proofread what you can. In your spare time, you might even want to brush up on some common grammatical errors. Use the tools in front of you, too! Are you typing out the incident report? Most word processors will have a SpellCheck feature that can help you identify and correct misspelled words. It won’t help with all problems, but it’s definitely a start!

3. Learn Your Software
You most likely have incident reporting software at your disposal. In fact, you’re probably required to use this software to enter in information on all incidents. Learn to use it, and learn to use it well. If you can, play with different features in your spare time. Also, ask for help from people who are more experienced with the software. They may be able to show you tips and tricks that you were unaware of previously. Lastly, if you don’t feel confident using the software, request more training so that you can utilize it properly.

4. Follow the Rules
In your training, there was surely a large portion devoted to how to handle incidents. There were surely some very clear do and do nots. Remember this training, and follow these rules. The rules will vary with different companies and at different settings, but they are in place for a reason. Not following these simple rules can result in a lot of problems for higher authorities. It could also result in punishment for you.

Once you’ve mastered you’re incident management system, brushed up on your grammar, and memorized the rules, you’re going to be able to write exceptional incident reports. Remember, this is part of your job. Do your job well.

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