The Basics of Personal Injury Law

The simple fact of living on this planet is that mishaps are commonplace, especially in the workplace these days. An accident is going to happen at one point or another, whether it is due to the negligence of the employer or an employee who was simply not paying enough attention to their surroundings. Whatever the case may be, hiring a personal injury lawyer should be the very first step most take after experiencing an injury.

You see, a personal injury tends to be followed by medical bills, loss of work income, and quite a bit of stress to handle. For normal people, such stresses are not easily dismissed.

What is a Personal Injury Case?

A personal injury case generally follows a legal dispute between one person who was harmed during an accident or injury, and against someone who may have been legally responsible for said harm occurring. In most cases, this is an employer and employee or a customer and a store. Such cases become formalized within a court of law, where one party will be found legally at fault for their actions, or lack thereof, and be forced to pay a damages award to the injury party.

  • Formal Lawsuit – A formal personal injury case generally begins when a single individual files a “complaint” against a person, business, or government agency, claiming they were careless or irresponsible and led to the accusing party’s injury. This is simply known as filing a lawsuit against the other party.
  • Informal Settlement – An informal settlement will occur following a dispute over who is at fault for an accident or injury, but is resolved through an early settlement, which is an informal meeting. One side generally pays out a sum of money to the injured party to prevent the case from entering a court room at any time in the near future.

Viable Cases

In order to determine whether or not your own personal injury case is viable for a court or not, one should always begin by speaking with a personal injury lawyer. Most professional lawyers will offer some form of a free consultation to discuss the matter and see how they may help your situation should you decide to hire their services. If the accident has impacted your life in an overly negative manner, an experienced attorney will help you pursue a lawsuit to help pay for the damages and loss of income due to the accident in question.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is mainly a matter of personal opinion. Some feel they can settle out of court, more often than not. When this does not work, however, hiring an attorney who specializes in personal injury law is more than beneficial. If you would like more information, Futerman Partners LLP has additional resources available.

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