When Should You Contact a Criminal Lawyer?

A criminal lawyer is a person who looks out for people whom the authorities charge with certain offenses. This person acts like a confidant, a protector and a negotiator for all people who accept his or her services. You may be struggling with a decision of whether you need to hire such an attorney. The answer is affirmative in most cases. A conviction for any criminal charge will leave you with a record that will tarnish and try to destroy every move you make toward getting a job or securing a place to live. It can even corrupt your relationship with your friends and family members. The following are some examples of times when you should contact a criminal defense attorney:

For DUI Charges

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is an offense that can hit you so hard that it will take years for you to recover. You can end up spending time in jail. Secondly, the fines that you have to pay could wipe you out financially. Thirdly, your insurance rates will end up skyrocketing, and it will be difficult for you to afford the coverage. Lastly, your friends, family members and associates may look at you differently.

For Drug Charges

You will want to hire a criminal defense attorney if someone accuses you of possessing drugs or planning to sell them. A drug charge will affect you for many years of your life. You can also spend a significant number of years behind bars as a result of the conviction. An attorney can hep combat the charges as well as bargain for a lesser punishment if you end up with a conviction.

Domestic Violence and Assault Issues

Domestic violence and assault issues require the assistance of a dedicated criminal law attorney. A conviction for domestic violence can end with you having to abide by a restraining order. You can have difficulty obtaining another job after you serve your sentences, as well.

Grand and Petit Larceny

You can spend anywhere from six months to more than five years in jail if you receive a conviction for larceny or theft. An attorney can review the case specifics and try to find a way to remove you from this permanently dangerous situation. The lawyer can try to have the charges reduced for you, as well.

Schedule an Appointment Today

You can receive assistance from a criminal defense attorney by scheduling an appointment today. The consultation is a 30-60 minute meeting during which you provide the attorney with details about your case. The attorney will let you know your options, and you an hire that person straight away. Protect yourself immediately by hiring an attorney right now. For additional resources, visit the Aswani K. Datt website.

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